Hobson Hub REST API

There is a comprehensive REST API available for the Hobson Hub available in Swagger format. The Swagger UI makes it extremely easy to browse the endpoints, see request/response examples and even authenticate and invoke API endpoints directly.


The latest API version in Swagger format is publicly available here:



The documentation link above describes the latest public version of the Hobson Hub REST API. Additionally, the Hobson Hub publishes a Swagger documentation endpoint which will always be appropriate for the version of the Hub being run.

The local endpoint for this (assuming the Hobson Hub is available at "localhost") is:


An easy way to browse and invoke the local Hub API is to navigate to the public link, enter the local endpoint in the text field in the upper-right and click the "Explore" button. This will load the API definition from the local Hub and allow you to authenticate and invoke API endpoints right from within the Swagger UI.