Hub Troubleshooting


The Hobson Hub logs information to hobson.log file in the logs folder of the main Hobson Hub folder.

There are a number of log levels that are supported:

ERRORMessages indicating something has gone wrong.
WARNINGMessages indicating something out of the ordinary but most likely not an error.
INFOInformational messages.
DEBUGThe first level of diagnostic information. These messages indicate high-level activity occurring in the Hub but shouldn't fill the log file too quickly.
TRACEThe second level of diagnostic information. These messages indicate detailed activity occurring in the Hub and may fill the log file quickly.

Note that each log level includes the ones above it. So, for example, the INFO level will also include ERROR and WARNING messages.

Startup Logging Level

By default, the Hobson Hub starts with its logging level set to INFO level. While you can change the logging level through the web console or REST API on the fly, this will only last until the Hub is restarted and may not help if a problem is occurring during Hub startup.

To change the logging level used at startup, edit the logging.xml file located in the conf directory of your Hobson installation. Look for the following line:

<logger name="com.whizzosoftware.hobson" level="INFO" />

and change the INFO to to whatever level you wish such as:

<logger name="com.whizzosoftware.hobson" level="DEBUG" />