Hobson Hub

In order to use Hobson, you will need to install the Hub software on a computer in your home or business.

The latest Hub installer downloads can be found here:

The default password for the Hub is username "admin" and password "admin". Please run through the configuration wizard to change it.

Note: The current builds are using the "beta web interface". While it is fully functional, it does not represent the usability that Hobson is trying to achieve. A new web interface is in the works but is going to take time to get right. In the meantime, the current interface is being maintained and enhanced to allow you to use Hobson to its current full capability and help test all other aspects of the system.


There are different installers for each supported platform as shown in the table below.

Windows 7/8hobson-hub-distribution-x.x.x-xxx.exe
Mac OS X 10.9/10.10hobson-hub-distribution-x.x.x-xxx.dmg
Linux RPMhobson-hub-distribution-x.x.x-xxx.rpm
Linux/Generic Unixhobson-hub-distribution-x.x.x-xxx.tgz

This is not to say that Hobson can't run on platforms other than the above ones – it just hasn't been tested and may or may not be supported.

Windows & Mac OS X

Hobson has graphical installers for both Windows and Mac OS X.

See the Windows installation page or the Mac OS X installation page for more information


Linux support is intended for more technical users as there can be many variations of the platform and some manual setup may need to be done. More information about installing Hobson on Linux can be found on the Linux / Unix Installation page.

Beaglebone Black

For a low-cost and low-power way to run Hobson, see the page for Hobson & Beaglebone Black.