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What is Hobson?

Hobson is an open-source automation hub (or aggregator) for the "Internet of Things".

The primary component of the Hobson system is software known as the Hobson Hub. The Hobson Hub software runs on a device within a home/business and is responsible for controlling and monitoring smart devices such as bulbs, thermostats, outlets, etc.

Since the Hobson system supports various disparate smart device hardware, the Hobson Hub acts as a mediator and exposes a common language (API) that can be used to manage and control them. This allows client devices, such as your phone, to communicate with devices that it wouldn't otherwise know how to talk to.

Since the Hobson Hub is both cross-platform and open source, you can run it on any sort of hardware you want. It can run on devices as small and inexpensive as a Raspberry Pi all the way up to high-powered servers.

The Hobson Hub has software installers for Windows, Mac and Linux and includes a web-based setup wizard so you can get the Hub running on your preferred hardware in minutes.


We are always looking for developers to contribute to the Hobson project. Below is the starting point for people interested in getting involved.

Hobson Developer Home Page

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