Hub Usage

You interact with Hobson through its web-based interface referred to as the web console. This is located at http://localhost:8182/console/index.html (non-secure mode) or https://localhost:8183/console/index.html (secure mode). Note that you should change localhost to the address of your Hub if your browser is not on the same machine as the Hub.

The Hobson web console is broken up into multiple tabs that are described below.


The Hobson Hub is a generic framework for managing smart devices. However, the core Hub doesn't know anything about specific smart devices. By installing plugins, you effectively teach Hobson how to monitor and control the smart devices you care about. Plugins are managed through the web console's "Plugins" tab:

The plugins currently installed on the Hub will be shown under the "Installed" tab. Plugins that are available for download (but not installed) will be shown on the "Available" tab.

Each plugin will have specific requirements. Some will automatically discover devices on your network and others will need to be manually configured.

To the right of each plugin will be one or more buttons:

Provides the ability to change configurable aspects of a plugin. This button will not appear if the plugin has no configurable properties.
Forces a refresh of a plugin. This will effectively stop the plugin and then run it again as if the Hub had just started. See the Plugin Lifecycle page for more technical detail.




Devices refer to the smart devices that Hobson has been configured to monitor and control. The list of all the Hub's smart devices is shown on the "Devices" tab:

Note that each device has a default capability to the right of their name in the list. In the example above, the bulbs have an On/Off button and the cameras have a film icon that will show you images or video.

To the right of the default capability will be one or more buttons.

Provides additional monitoring and control options for the device.
Provides the ability to change configurable aspects of a device.



Hobson provides manual monitoring and control of smart devices. However, there will be times where you want something to happen automatically (such as turning lights off at a particular time or sending an e-mail when a smoke detector goes off). This is the job of Hobson automated tasks and they are managed from the "Tasks" tab:


You can configure the Hub with a list of tasks that it will keep track of and execute when the conditions you define are met.