Z-Wave Plugin

The Z-Wave plugin allows Hobson to control supported Z-Wave devices. You will need one of the supported controllers (listed below) in order to use it.

The devices listed below have been confirmed to work with Hobson. Since Z-Wave has "generic" device capabilities, it's possible that Hobson will work with many other unconfirmed Z-Wave devices. If you find a device is working that is not listed below, please let us know!


Aeon LabsAeotec Z-Stick Series 2DSA02203-ZWUS


Aeon LabsAeotec Smart Energy SwitchDSC06106-ZWUS 
Aeon LabsAeotec Smart StripDSC11-ZWUSDoes not yet support energy reporting
Aeon LabsAeotec Water Sensor    
GEDimmer Switch45612 
GEIn-wall Outlet45605 
GE/JascoLight Switch45609 
GEOutdoor Lighting Control Module45604